#Phoenix project

The partnership, composed by organizations which have relevant expertise and knowledge in the field of operation (in the sport field, educating and working with youth and in dealing with people with fewer opportunities), will ensure the full achievement of the objectives pursued.

At European policies in the field of sport level, the #Phoenix project is aligned with goals and recommendations stated in the White Paper on Sport, the Communication on Sport and The Helsinki Report on Sport.

Project #Phoenix intends to promote voluntary activities in sport, social inclusion, equal opportunities and raise awareness about health-enhancing sport effects through development and implementation of pilot programme which builds bridge between local youth grassroots sports clubs, volunteers and primary and secondary schools, all in order to reach final beneficiaries – school children.

Target group:

youth sport organisations representatives, volunteers and physical education teachers

Final beneficiaries:

primary and secondary school’s children

Partners for this project concept were:

Centre for education (Spain)

Associazione EURO (Italy)

Community Teachsport (UK)

IEBA – Centro de iniciativas empresariais e sociais (Portugal)

European Institute for Local Development (EILD) (Greece)