News – #WushuElixir – Erasmus+ Sport 2017

Udruga Spajalica

Erasums+ Sport 2017

Project title:  #WushuElixir

Total Project value: 60.000 €

Project partners:

  • Croatian Wushu federation,
  • Asociacion Espanola de Qigong Deportivo (Španjolska)
  • Vlaams Wushu Instituut (Belgija).

The idea is to promote active lifestyle among target groups based on synergy between physical exercise, mental peace and health improvement.  This is intended by development and implementation of education module which will be designed in theory and practice, on languages of all project partners participating. In development and implementation of module, all project partners will be included equally in order to replicate it thoroughly in all project partners’ home countries.

Main goal of the project #WushuElixir is to ensure participation in sport and physical activity of elderly people and people with disabilities, including people with conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and cancer.

The project will contribute on social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, especially by supporting the implementation of EU strategies, notably the EU Disability Strategy.

Main project activities

  • Preparation and development of pilot project programme designed for target groups in theory and practice
  • Motivational activities in associations related to target groups
  • Promotion of ethical behaviour and ethical sport codex on national and international level and exchange of best practices among project partners
  • Implementation of the project programme in all partner countries
  • Evaluation of the project activities – study on physical condition of the attendees before and after the project implementation


News – Pedaling-my healthy choice

After the successful implementation of the project “Green bicycle of Dalmatia” in 2015, which was funded from the Split-Dalmatia County, the importance of active life and recreation has been recognized through the project “Pedaling-my healthy choice”. This project is funded through call for proposals of Split-Dalmatia county as a project of general contribution in 2016.

The project activities provide fun-educational events (Pub quiz) to encourage young people to develop awareness about the bicycle as an ideal vehicle, whose use can contribute to a healthy and clean city, improve their own health and quality of life.

Multiple teams (2-4 participants per team) will apply for participating in Pub quiz and they will inform themselves about assigned quiz topics 7 days prior to knowledge competition.

The questions are divided in sets of 10 questions:

“Cycling through history”

“Two wheels health”

“Riding bike safely”

“Cheap travel”

Project is implemented in partnership with Cycling club “Stina”, which will be responsible for moderating educational workshop “Important facts to know about bicycle”, referring to the themes and issues of previously held Pub quiz.

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News – Link implemented project titled “Green bicycle of Dalmatia”.

During end of year 2015 and beginning of 2016, Link implemented project titled “Green bicycle of Dalmatia”.

The purpose of the project was to contribute to the development of two main objectives implementation of the project activities:

  • Raising awareness among primary school children about environmental protection and sustainable development in Split-Dalmatia County
  • Raising awareness among youth about the need for responsible, sustainable attitude towards environment for the purpose of preserving life good life conditions for future generations in Split-Dalmatia County

The project activities lasted from 11th November 2015 till 22nd March 2016, and were funded from the Split-Dalmatia County.

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